aaliyah rios-castro
everything I do
I do it with a passion
If I gotta be a bitch
I'mma be a bad one

⤑ name aaliyah sania rios-castro (nee bhandari) ⤑ also known as ali, bee, liyah ⤑ date of birth + age april 13 1995 + 24 ⤑ birthplace chicago, illionis ⤑ current residence rockaway, oregon ⤑ occupation waitress ⤑ relationship status i am his and he is mine ⤑ sexuality kinsey scale 0
facts the daughter of a music teacher and a businessman, she is african-american from her mother's side and muslim from her father's.

was named after her mother's favorite singer.

her father identifies as muslim but does not practice the religion. her mother is christian.

she began singing lessons when she was eight years old and still pursues it as her passion. her mother supports her dreams while her father is skepttical and wants her to do something more "realistic."

she was always in trouble in school for mouthing off to the teachers or fighting with other girls in her class but was still always booksmart when she made the effort to apply herself (which was rare). in high school she buckled down and began to take it seriously because she wanted to see the world outside of chicago and make something of herself like her older brothers had.

chose to apply the same college as her brother, an aspiring graphic novelist and current food truck owner, moved to the city and would tell her how much he loved it.

she has trust issues due to a relationship in high school where her first boyfriend used her for sex and then promptly dumped her shortly after, spreading rumors around school that she was an "easy lay." she never had any serious relationships in high school and it was only in college where she began to get involved in them.

she became friends with a boy named matias. unaware of his crush on her, she attended a football game with him at usc and was introduced to his brother, lip. she's been crazy about him since and although the two of them have never put a label on their relationship, she considers herself to be taken (and gets extremely jealous of other girls even looking at him).

picked up on speaking spanish while living in los angeles and uses it to impress her boyfriend.

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education ucla
   music major, class of 2017

mother: tiana bhandari (nee barnes)
56 years old. music teacher. aaliyah's best friend and biggest supporter.

54 years old. business owner. slightly protective yet lovable.

brother: hardy bhandari
28 years old. photographer for an online magazine, father of two. just as protective as their father.

brother: sanjay "jay" bhandari
25 years old. goes by marc. aspiring graphic novelist and food truck owner in los angeles. aaliyah's rock.